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ePHANT Mission

Our mission is to make the mobility transition clean, affordable and practical. We are firmly convinced that a change in mobility can be achieved by everyone without having to restrict individual mobility. We do not see the widespread introduction of electric mobility as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity to make the energy and mobility transition a success!

ePHANT Expertise

We provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of electric mobility. Are you planning to convert your company or municipal vehicle fleet? We offer you our expertise in the design, planning, installation and operation of charging infrastructure. We will also be happy to advise you on current funding instruments, the technical and regulatory requirements and the practical implementation of an electrified vehicle fleet.

ePHANT Solution

ePHANT offers a simple and intelligent integration of the charging processes into the grid operation and enables a reduction of the electricity purchase costs by up to 50%. At the same time, the share of renewable energy can be increased. Both private and commercial users will be able to enjoy affordable and clean mobility. In addition, load management is taken into account to avoid overloading local resources and reduce investment in electrical infrastructure. The aim is to develop e-mobility as a central building block for the success of the energy and mobility revolution. This will be achieved not only through intelligent charging management, but also by integrating electric vehicle batteries as energy storage in vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-home technologies.

ePHANT Technology

Our holistic and systemic approach enables easy interaction between the relevant players in the complex e-mobility ecosystem. As part of our front- and back-end integration, the planning and dispatch of charging operations is carried out. The ePHANT app also facilitates operational fleet management. The previously necessary manual user input in a smartphone application, such as booking trips in the corporate interface, is replaced by the forecasts of the KI-based algorithms. This enables a user-friendly and everyday integration of the ePHANT system, especially for private users. This adds an essential aspect to local energy management and can also be used by utilities and network operators for municipal energy management. This means that we can already offer a practical solution for accessing controllable appliances in private households.

New Energy World is today

In recent decades, renewable energies have been massively expanded and more than 40% of the electricity supply is now emission-free. New mobility solutions, based in particular on the use of electric vehicles, offer a modern way of getting around and reduce CO2 and particulate emissions in the transport sector. At the same time, there is a growing need for flexible consumers and energy storage systems to ensure that the intermittent generation of renewable energy can be provided reliably and in line with demand. Developing the flexibility of electric vehicle charging and storage capacity is the most promising solution for transforming the energy system in a sustainable way. 



The ePHANT app enables easy interaction between our back-end and the electric vehicle users, making it easier to plan and dispatch charging operations. In the corporate user interface, trips can be booked with just a few clicks. The app thus facilitates corporate fleet and charging management. The manual user input in the app is replaced by the predictions of the KI-based algorithms. In addition, the app offers all the functions of a modern e-mobility app, including roaming, navigation, booking and billing.

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